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Rainmaking is the not a dance you do around a fire to make it rain. It is, however, the art of bringing in new business. Whether you are a lawyer, real estate agent, sales person, or other professional, rainmaking is a skill that you should acquire and perfect. This blog is intended to provide tips and answer questions to help rainmakers perfect their art.

Archive for February, 2008

Catch Any Fish Lately?
Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Creating a Marketing Strategy –
By Janice B. Gonzalez © 2016

As a strategist, I see marketing as a science. There is more to it than just creating pretty ads, or sending out press releases or even networking. Albeit, those are all essential components of a good plan, but unless they have a strategy behind it – you may end up with the impression that none of those methods are effective at developing business.

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